Using Wrike

  • Wrike Tutorial

    Wrike is our project management and video proofing tool.  Here's how to get started - 1) Accept invite sent to the same email you signed up with: 2) Watch this video
  • How do I submit a video request?

    1. Organize your project’s footage. Separate your footage in folders. You can arrange it by date, location, or camera source.  Ensure the files are complete (music files, fonts, logos, templates, presets, etc. should be included) 2. Upload your project files to cloud storage. Common platforms ar...
  • Reduce Wrike Email Updates

    Getting too many Wrike notifications? Try this link: If link doesn't direct to email settings - Log into Wrike. Click your name in top right. Select "Profile Settings" from drop-down menu. On left pane choose "Email Preferences" Once in E...
  • Can I invite other users in my Wrike account to leave feedback on my videos and submit requests for me?

    Unfortunately, we won’t be able to invite multiple users to your Wrike account. We encourage the account holder to be the only one who leaves feedback as having multiple people leaving feedback can be confusing for the editor.