I'll be away temporarily. Can I pause my subscription?

You can pause your Video Husky subscription for a minimum of 5 business days and a maximum of 10 business days. Once you have used up the 10 business days, you cannot pause your subscription again. You can only pause your subscription only after the first 14 days of your subscription.

  • Philippine time zone (GMT+8) will be followed.
  • Any active video requests will be put on hold during the subscription pause.
  • Your account's billing date will be moved based on the agreed-upon return date.
    • Example: If you request for a 7-day pause, your next billing date will be adjusted
      by seven (7) business days (+7 on the original billing date).


  • I'll be gone for more than 10 business days. Can I still pause my subscription?
    • Unfortunately, no. If the holding of a subscription will last for more than 10
      business days, a cancellation of the subscription will be required.
      The account will resume after a repurchase of the subscription. Take
      note, however, that it's possible you will not work with the same video
      editor as before.
  • I'll be gone for less than five (5) business days. Can I still pause my subscription?
    • No. The minimum number of business days to pause your subscription is five
  • How do I request to pause/resume my subscription?
  • When is my next billing date after resuming my subscription?
    • Using your original billing date as the base, just add the number of business
      days your subscription has been paused; that should be your next billing

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