Sample Request: Vlogs

Who is the target audience for this video?


Please provide an outline for what the finished video should look like:

This vlog has primarily 4 story threads I want shown in the order below:

  1. Church scenes = funny and serious. I lead a church and there's a lot of behind the scenes footage in this dropbox folder. I totally don't expect you to use all of it...but there are some funny moments, and there is specifically a moment where a young man cries on my shoulder that will be perfect to use.
  2. Building furniture segment = I thought this footage can be like the whimsical part of the vlog. It's me with my kids at home building a couch. It can be done as a timelapse feel that's light hearted and funny. The joke of the footage is that it took me way too long to assemble. You can creatively weave this through the vlog as a joke.
  3. My sister’s wedding = there are some really fun moments, and some emotional moments. There is the reception with dancing, but use that portion sparingly. Just extract the most entertaining parts from your perspective.
  4. My talk in front of business people - the last story thread is a 150-person business meeting my wife and I spoke at. There may be some really motivational moments of something I said in there. I want this segment to feel inspiring and motivational.

How long should the video be?

5-10 minutes

What aspect ratio should we use?


Is there anything else that we should know?

Please use my branding logo and fonts included in the footage folder.

All of these events occurred on Long Island, New York.

Please put a screen at the end that leaves room for Youtube subscribe button and suggested next video (that I enter in when I publish myself).

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