Sample Request: Real Estate

Who is the target audience for this video?

Real estate buyers

Please provide an outline for what the finished video should look like.

Please change any 1080p 60fps footage to 24fps to give it that beautiful slow motion look.

  1. Begin with cross dissolve of beautiful, outdoor shots of the local area
  2. Followed by a wide shot of the home & property, and then 
  3. A porch shot with door open
  4. Cut inside the home to entry way, and then 
  5. Begin showing off the main living areas like kitchen, living room, etc.
  6. Follow up with shots of the master bedroom & bathroom, any other bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room last. 
  7. Finish video with footage of the outside of home including front yard, shed, and back.
  8. Please add graphic of real estate agent at the end for 5 seconds.

Use a dip to black transition between final video shot and real estate agent graphic, and end video with cross dissolve to black.

Would you like the drafts organized by editing stages? If yes, state what you would like done on each draft.

Draft #1: Cut of the video with the flow I indicated

Draft #2: Color grading and polishing

How long should the video be?

1.5 to 2 minutes maximum

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