Sample Request: Product Review/Unboxing

Who is the target audience for this video?

Women between 25 to 45 years old

Please provide an outline for what the finished video/s should look like.

  • INTRO: about 4 seconds long
    • Text intro of the word “#OBSESSED” over the beat of the music (linked in folder). Flash between our signature lavender and white. Quick. Trendy. Eye-catching. Lit.
    • Font: Futura Bold. Throughout this portion, keep the word #OBSESSED written in pink or white (whichever looks better) in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Quick edit of Katherine talking about the product. 
    • When she says the product, have a graphic of the product and its title pop up on the bottom over a white lower third. It should say:

“Pure Beauty A-9 Spray”

  • Keep it quick. Have fun with punch ins occasionally (like when she sprays the product)
  • We want to hear a sound of a plane overhead so that her joke at the end makes sense.
  • OUTRO: Cut to lavender background/white text:

“15% OFF: Kath19


  • Next slide:




  • End on Katherine's website logo centered over white.

Mock-ups of these slides are in the shared folder, but if you want the text to punch in or do something that really adds effective emphasis (without being too much), go for it.

Would you like the drafts organized by editing stages? If yes, state what you would like done on each draft.

Draft 1: Finalized Cut

Draft 2: Any necessary tweaks and revisions I might ask for

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