Sample Request: Interview/Testimonial

Who is the target audience for this video?

University donors

Please provide an outline for what the finished video should look like:

The purpose of this video is to introduce a new employee, John Cope, as the Department of Communication’s new Director of Research. 

Pulling clips from the interview, the video should:

  • introduce John as an alumna of the university
  • highlight the work he has done for the institution, specifically through the peer tutoring program
  • how he viewed this as an extension of what he learned as a student
  • conclude with him looking forward to the next chapter as the Director of Research.

Would you like the drafts organized by editing stages? If yes, state what you would like done on each draft.

1st Draft: Cut of the interview, once that is approved:

2nd Draft: Apply B-roll, transitions, color grading, and music.

How long should the video be?

2-3 minutes

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